About Selina

Selina's art has been published in books and magazines worldwide, and is available on licensed products ranging from t-shirts to stationery, figurines to jewelry. Her art has been purchased by customers and collectors in over 50 countries around the world, and she has lived solely off her art income since she was 23 years old and been a professional artist for over 10 years.

Selina’s artwork is mostly mixed medium, as she always tries to choose the best medium to match her painting concept, and is always experimenting. Normally her paintings are based in either watercolour or acrylics on paper, to which she also adds inks, pencil, pastels, and digital elements to create whatever effect she desires.

“I want to live my life like it’s a fairy tale, and I want my artwork to make other people feel the same. I love that for a person of any age my fairies can bring back the magical memories and feelings of adventure from their childhood. I hope that they also create new memories and dreams of magic!”

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