Fabric Colouring Tips

Using fabric markers on your Fairies and Fantasy product

Please note: Results will vary depending on the brand and type of fabric markers you decide to use. Please read any instructions included with your fabric markers before proceeding.

Below are some suggestions to help with colouring your product.

  1. Washing and drying your product before you begin is a good idea. This will remove any dirt and or/chemicals that may be in the fabric after the manufacturing process.

  2. You should test your markers before use. Find an inconspicuous area on your product, such as the inside seam, or test on a similar type of scrap fabric. This will allow you to determine how your markers react with the fabric. Some markers may bleed more than others.

  3. Lay your product flat on a hard surface and smooth out any wrinkles. Place a piece of cardboard, or a few sheets of paper, inside the product to prevent your fabric markers bleeding through to the back.

  4. Avoid pressing too hard with your markers, or holding the tip in one place against the fabric for a long period of time. Doing so may cause unwanted bleeding.

  5. Be aware that colouring large areas may use your markers up quickly. In this case, fabric paint may be a better alternative.

  6. Some types of fabric markers will require heat setting, usually with an iron, so make sure to follow the instructions for your particular fabric markers.

  7. Consider using washable fabric markers to allow endless fun re-colouring your product.

  8. You might like to try colouring with other types of markers or mediums. If you decide to do this, always make sure you test them out before proceeding.

Happy colouring!